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A lot of bikers buy helmets that not only protect their head in case of an impact during a crash but also make them look real cool! The DOT approved German motorcycle helmet has a shape and style that is unique and traditional at the same time. Worn by German soldiers during WWII, they are classic and retro without affiliating the rider who wears it with Nazism in any way. This type of motorcycle helmet is fast becoming very popular with riders because of its practical as well as fashionable look.  

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A German motorcycle helmet of the WWI is also available. In fact the helmet that has the Kaiser Wilhelm look complete with metal spike on the top is also DOT approved. This type of motorcycle helmet is usually worn by bikers during biker rallies and events. The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has established certain standards that are mandatory for a motorcycle helmet to meet. However, a DOT German motorcycle helmet is obviously of the “specialty” type and these helmets have to be ordered or can be found in specialty shops. These helmets are unique and one of a kind and this is the reason why bikers buy them. 

The Blue German Motorcycle Helmet is one of the rare helmets that are difficult to find. You can be sure of standing out and being the object of envy if you manage to buy one of these. In spite of the different colors a German motorcycle helmet is available in, the blue one is still hard to find.  

The trend of wearing a German motorcycle helmet that is designed like replicas of the helmets worn by the soldiers in the WWII has caught on. More and more bikers are wearing them, and it is now quite a common sight to see these at a large biker event. These helmets are available in different colors like red, green, blue gloss and matte black. It is very important to purchase a DOT approved helmet that meets all the safety requirements and standards so that you are safe and legal. Novelty motorcycle helmets may look terrific but might not keep you safe in a crash. In the same way, the German motorcycle helmet that is of the “half shell” design will not protect you like the helmet with the “full face” design.  

It is obvious that a German motorcycle helmet does not mean that the helmets are manufactured in Germany. They are called that on account of the look, style and well known design of the war helmets worn by WWII German soldiers as we remember them from photographs, old movies and books. The “Stahlhelm Helmet” was the model for the German motorcycle helmet that is worn even today. No matter how attractive the original German motorcycle helmet is, they do not meet standards set by the DOT and are therefore not legal.


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